Anyone can be a Genius!

GeniusCode is a .net startup founded by Jeremiah Redekop and Ryan D Hatch.

Our purpose is to empower developers, with a focus on business frameworks.

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Now On GitHub!

We are starting to release our libraries on GitHub as open source. You can find our GitHub Account repositories here:

Dynamic Duck

Duck objects as interfaces. GitHub | NuGet

Data Services Library

Repository Base Classes GitHub | NuGet


outsource licensing of your applications to the cloud.



LLBLGen is the ORM of choice for GeniusCode. The LLBLGen Runtime is more mature and flexible than Entity Framework. LLBLGen has a designer and unlike nHibernate, gives you code to work with.

MVVM Light Toolkit

MVVM Light Toolkit is a library that assists in the ViewModel paradigm that was possible with XAML. We have used this toolkit, but modified the ViewModelLocator class to utilize MEF.