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  • Projects up on NuGet

    We have pushed 3 projects out to Nuget – Dynamic Duck, Relay Visitor, and our DI Factories project. More updates and projects to come.

  • Now Up on GitHub

    We have begun to roll out some of our projects onto GitHub. We plan to be releasing: GeniusCode/GeniusCode.Components.DynamicDuck Allows ducking of interfaces (.net 3.5 & SL4) GeniusCode/GeniusCode.Templating.Razor Razor based templating engine for code generation right inside the Visual Studio IDE GeniusCode/GeniusCode.Composition.ProviderModel Abstract multiple IOCs or just about any object that can provide an instance of […]

  • Proposed MIX Session

    Jeremiah submitted a MIX Session proposal: Working with Dynamic Objects in Silverlight with Strongly-Typed Goodness Here are the session details: Dynamic languages have always been a one-way street. Exposing an API or Intellisense to C# was simply unfeasible. That’s about to change.Using contract-based interfaces, learn how to bridge the gap between the strongly-typed world and […]

  • New Site Online

    We have successfully transitioned to our new site. So long, DotNetNuke, thanks for the memories