Proposed MIX Session

Jeremiah submitted a MIX Session proposal:

Working with Dynamic Objects in Silverlight with Strongly-Typed Goodness

Here are the session details:

Dynamic languages have always been a one-way street. Exposing an API or Intellisense to C# was simply unfeasible. That’s about to change.Using contract-based interfaces, learn how to bridge the gap between the strongly-typed world and dynamics. Call dynamic objects from C# like any other .NET object. Contracts can now be used for compile-time checking from .NET, while enforcing contracts on dynamic objects at runtime. Additionally, calls to dynamic objects are now unit testable. Until now, dynamic objects were called using either the late-binding ‘dynamic’ keyword or scripted using string names. Not anymore. Simply write unit tests to verify the dynamic object complies with the interface contract – and enjoy strongly-typed goodness.Jeremiah will demonstrate how these strategies can be applied to IronPython, other dynamic languages, Silverlight 4 COM, and upcoming Silverlight 5 Platform Invoke. Also expect a sneak preview of what’s now possible with mocking interfaces using this approach. Using .NET 4.0, late-binding, Expando, and dynamic ducking – you’re in for a treat. Using a provider approach, other binding methods can be introduced, such as support for .net 3.5, and a reflection-based approach.

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